Case Studies  

How Greenpark worked with micro influencers to derive brand awareness

Greenpark needed to come up with a performance based strong UGC content that outperforms competitors content to get better CPMs.

How Hurom creates performance based UGC to reduce their CPA

Hurom needed a performance optimized UGC creatives to make the brand more relatable and increase its trustworthiness.

How Native creates high-quality UGC for their collection releases

Native needed a cost-effective solution to create large amounts of diverse content quickly.

How Hopper uses UGC as a way to scale their TikTok ads

Hopper needed to scale UGC ads on TikTok to drive down CPAs and avoid said ad fatigue. 

How NielsenIQ Slashed CPAs by 75% with inBeat

When NielsenIQ re-released, an inbox decluttering app, they wanted to quickly grow their userbase through social media buying.

How Soylent Drove Awareness to Their New Product Lines

Soylent needed micro-influencers to power their content calendar while driving awareness to their new product lines.

Geo-Targeted Micro-Influencer Campaign

New Balance approached us to cast a series of micro-influencers for a social media campaign.

#GotMilk TikTok Challenge with American Dairy

American Dairy came to us with a need to create relatable content on TikTok to promote the #Gotmilk challenge to build awareness amongst a Gen Z demographic.

How Phone Loops Became a Gen Z Phenomenon

Phone Loops shines as a lifestyle brand. Customers use their product to make a statement about themselves. Phone Loops wanted a way to benefit from Instagram’s army of relatable creators.

How Nielsen IQ generated content in 15+ different languages

Nielsen IQ needed a performance based content strategy along with paid media customer acquisition strategy across all 15 countries.

How Genomelink built a comprehensive creative strategy

Genomelink needed to increase the creative throughput in order to keep refreshing dying creatives and avoid creative fatigue.

How Prose Creates Top-Performing UGC for their ads on an ongoing basis

Prose needs a lot of content on a consistent basis to power their media-buying budget on a constant basis.

How Bumble showcased the first date experience to reduce their CPA

Bumble needed an out-of-the box solution for a paid campaign to generate ads that felt native to the platform, 

How Bluehouse Salmon Creates 100s of Assets for Their Social Media

A constant flow of educational and recipe-centric content to power their content calendar while growing their social media following.

How NYC leveraged TikTok Influencers and Spark ads to reach young voters.

Young voters are now harder to reach through traditional marketing channels.

How Nordstrom & Wildfang Drove 5m+ Views to Their New Collection

Nordstrom partnered with fast-growing DTC brand Wildfang to add a non-binary clothing line to their e-commerce.

How Dormani Group Paired Dog Influencers

Dormani Group is a dealership group which operates 9 dealerships in the Outaouais region. They came to us with the goal of refreshing the bad reputation typically associated with dealerships.

How Deux Par Deux Created Influencer Content for Their Collection Releases

Deux par Deux is a kids clothing retailer which retails in over 500 unique points of sales across North America and Russia. They also operate a direct-to-consumer branch, which now accounts for 20% of their business.